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Selling DVDs


I was going to call this thread "Paring down my DVD collection," but I wasn't sure how to spell "paring" in this context and I'm too lazy to look it up.

Anyhoo, while DVDs are locked up in storage and I face the prospect of debt settlement and eventual moving, I started re-assessing by material posessions and am thinking about what I really want to keep and what I might get rid of. I haven't made any final decisions, but thought I'd share with you because- hey, why the fuck not?

As the title suggests, the biggest target is the DVD collection. I've decided that, as much as I love all the films/shows/concerts in my collection, will I actually re-watch them ever? The answer, honestly, is probably not.

One of the reasons for collecting is to have a "library." But in the past couple of years, I've lost almost all desire to sit through films I've already seen. There are so many to see, and with netflix always giving me something to watch (I'm doing the 5 discs per month membership), buying seems pointless.

So I'm starting to think about what I might sell and what I want to keep. I'm doing this hear to reflect these thoughts off you guys, hear convincing arguments about what to keep/sell, and offer you folks first shot at buying this stuff if I do sell it.

Things I'm definitely keeping:

Babylon 5- this is really the only non-comedy TV show I would eagerly watch again and again and again.

Family Guy
Looney Tunes
Monty Python (tv show and films)
This stuff is great for a quick laugh and I still pull 'em out every once in a while. I know I can watch "The King is Dead," "Duck Amuck," or "Argument Clinic" for like the zillionth time and still get a kick out of it.
While I find South Park, Seinfeld and Simpsons equally funny, I just can't see myself watching them on DVD. These shows also have a higher ration of poor episodes. Simpsons and Seinfeld didn't hit their stride until season 3, and South Park was always amusing but became truly brilliant more recently, as they tackle more adult material.

This Is Spinal Tap
Blues Brothers
if just for individual scenes and performances

Yhings most likely to be sold:

Star Trek- all of it
I have all 7 seasons of TNG, the first 5 of DS9, and the special edition DVDs of the first 4 films.
Love the shows, absolutely, and enjoyed watching them. But unlike B5, they do have a lot of boring eps, and I just can't imagine re-watching them. I know all the TNG eps by heart. Yes, it's true for B5, but there's something different about B5- I can't explain it. Maybe it's the serial nature of the show, which makes me want to watch another ep right after I'm done with one. And though that's true with DS9, it's just not the same.
Plus, of all my DVDs, this would rake in the most dough. 12 box sets!

Ingmar Bergman films
I love his films- well, the ones I've seen. But I don't want to watch them again. They left such a huge emotional and intellectual impression on me, that I don't need to repeat it.

Solaris- both versions
I've seen them each a couple of times. Fascinating films, highly underrated, two sides of the same story. Tarkofsky is a self-indulgent genius. But I don't need to revisit this material.

Most hitchcock films
Blasphemy? Maybe, but how many times have I seen Psycho, like a billion? And while Lady Vanishes and 39 Steps are fun, I have no desire to re-watch them again.

Silence of the Lambs (Criterion, OOP)
Pretty much all of my Criterions, with a couple of exceptions.


Music DVDs
I have quite a few of these. I'm thinking I'll keep only those that offer something truly interesting or unique, like a good surround mix or a really cool presentation.

Stanley Kubrick box set
My favorite director of all time, but I really don't need Eyes Wide Shut and that documentary that are part of this set. Lolita, Shining, Barry Lyndon, Dr Strange Love, and Full Metal Jacket are great but I don't know if I need to have them. If I do sell this, I would probably look for cheap copies of A Clockwork Orange and 2001, because they're my absolute favorite films.

Seven Samurai
Godfather trilogy
Taxi Driver
These are all-time faves. Know them by heart, so would I watch them again? Maybe worth keeping just to have my very favorite films on the shelf? Dunno...

Clint Eastwood: Man With No Name trilogy
My favorite Westerns, but doubt I'll re-re-re-watch them. But then again they are so freakin' cool...

I'm also probably going to sell by B5 novels (all three trilogies, and the one about Markus becoming a Ranger) and the three In Valen's Name comics.

Of course my biggest media items are my CDs- over 1500 strong, some of which are quite pricey (OOP, high-res, etc). But these are my babies, and I listen to them all, and will continue to improve the collection. Unlike films, each CD has endless replay value.

For any buyers interested in this stuff, let me know (this thread, e-mail, PM, whatever) and if I choose to sell it you'll get first dibs. I prefer to sell to American buyers (much less of hassle shipping) but would sell internationally for a bit more.
I know all the TNG eps by heart. Yes, it's true for B5, but there's something different about B5- I can't explain it. Maybe it's the serial nature of the show, which makes me want to watch another ep right after I'm done with one.

I'm the exact same way on both counts...

Sometimes I can name the title and season of a TNG episode within the first 5 seconds of screen time. I've gotten to the point I watch at least one B5 ep on DVD every weekend, and this past weekend I watched nine (yes, I have no life). Seven of the eps I watched were from the first season. Not only am I not a big fan of season 1 in the first place, but I actually enjoyed most of them, including a couple most people consider to be among the worst.

One of the 2nd season eps I watched was There All Honor Lies. It must have been a while, because I forgot about the station's memorabilia store, the alien masks, the moment of perfect beauty, and the Babearlon 5 bear. I only remembered the murder subplot. Now that I've seen it again (almost as if for the first time), it's one of my favorite episodes of season 2.

B5 just never gets old.

As far as your DVDs, your tastes seem to be quite different, so it's hard to make too many recommendations. However, I would suggest you keep your all-time faves. Even if you don't re-watch them often, you may regret it later if you sell them and don't have them. I think a persons "library" of books, movies, CDs, etc. reflects their personality. Having those movies on a shelf will help visitors understand that part of personality just by seeing them on the shelf.

If you do have Seinfeld DVDs, those would be good to sell. Old repeats of it are syndicated all over the place. You can probably catch it for free on a local channel between 6:00 and 8:00 almost anywhere.
If you do have Seinfeld DVDs, those would be good to sell. Old repeats of it are syndicated all over the place. You can probably catch it for free on a local channel between 6:00 and 8:00 almost anywhere.

I actually don't have them (same with Simpsons and South Park). I just used that as an example of things I like but don't want to own.

I've actually been thinking about the faves sitting on the shelf as "identification," because I do accept the philosophy of "What you like is who you are."

But with all the moving and packing I've been doing in the past few years, I've come to really appreciate and respect space. Shelf space, box space, etc. I've grown a real distate for "things" that just sit there and don't do anything.

As for visitors, I try not to have too many anyway (I never host parties anymore) and the only ones I really want are... erm, let's call them "female companions"... and by the time they're over, they don't give a shit which movies I like.

And anyway, all those CDs and few books and DVDs says the most important thing about my tastes: MUSIC FREAK! :D

Still thinking about if I want to sell Notorious. That may be worth keeping just to stare at Ingrid Bergman.
I may be interested in your season 6 and 7 of TNG. And I know this is a long shot but I'm sure you wouldn't want to spare disc 2 of season 4 of TNG would you? Breaking up the set makes no sense whatsoever and you definitely wouldn't be able to sell the rest of the set without it, unless you could find people that wouldn't mind buying just a disk or two of TNG eps. Short of repurchasing the whole set. As Leia so eloquently put it, "Help me, GKarsEye Kenobi. You're my only hope." :D
Sinclair, I'd love to help you out.
I was actually hoping to sell the whole series in one shot- figure I could get more for all of it. But I'd think about giving you what you want if we could work out some way of compensating me, 'cause otherwise I'd be out some significant $$.
I might be interested in a couple of things, depending on price. Possibly the "In Valen's Name" set, mostly because I have never actually seen them.

Maybe a couple of DVD's. Maybe a Hitch or two, depending on the titles. Maybe a Kubric or two if you want to break up the box (problem being, if you do that you may well sell the ones that would be most prone to keep and being left with the ones you want least).

I'll go print the DVD list and look at it tonight.

Edit: Aahh, nuts. I just noticed that those links to your collection list aren't there any more.
While I'm not selling anything I too ask myself if I can see myself watching something repeatedly when buying DVDs now. I'm not sure I'll ever watch Memento again even though I loved it.

I would recomend keeping the Godfather trilogy because that is the sort of thing that can turn into a weekend marathon. The Eastwood stuff you may want to keep for when a western mood comes upon you.
Well it looks like I'm going to do this, including some of my favorites. I'm going to go on emotional attachment for most of them- I can't part with, say, 2001, so I'm not going to, even if I never watch it again (though I'm sure I will).

I'll definitely keep this thread in mind when I start selling stuff. My real-life friends get first dibs (I have one I think might want the DS9s and another who collects Criterions, though I haven't asked them yet).

Tygir, if I give Sinclair the stuff he wants, you'll get season 5.

As for the Kubrick, I wouldn't mind splitting the box, because I would want to keep 2001 and Clockwork.

I'm also glad to see an interested buyer in the Trek films. For now, consider them yours.

I have to get all this stuff out of storage, first before I promise anything- make sure they're in good condition, etc.
The mighty GKarsEye DVD shoppe

I got my stuff out of storage and, as I figured, I'm selling most of it. The above link is my entire collection, a few items of which I'm keeping, and a few that I will probably sell eventually but for various reasons am keeping for now.

Anyone who wants anything, PM me. All my stuff is in excellent condition and very fairly priced.

I'd like to specifically point out the Farscape sets- the entire first two seasons. They're real expensive in stores.