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I've just finished watching the entire first season on DVD (my first viewing ever since I don't have Showtime) and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. I just wish they'd straighten things out with the second season. It's a very different, cerebral show that works off an interesting premise - something that is lacking in most of today's fare.

But one thing I couldn't help noticing was the odd phrase or ten lifted out of a certain other JMS-produced show. Most notably, Jeremiah's father being quoted as coining the Narn axiom about responses and answers.

I understand that Jeremiah is directed at a somewhat different audience than B5, and there's good lines that are just as effective when applied to different situations. (After all, there are certain bits of dialogue that are repeated or paraphrased within B5 itself.) But I have to admit, as someone who has watched B5 countless times, Elizabeth's deathbed scene was a bit much. The dialogue was almost word for word the same as Ivanova's (almost) death scene, with subtle differences to change Ivanova and Sheridan to Elizabeth and Kurdy.

It was a good, heartfelt scene in B5, but knowing what was going to be said kind of ruined it for me in Jeremiah.
I can understand how you feel, and yes, JMS does sometimes re-use the same phrases. I think the ones he repeats, though, are really JMS talking through the character. I've seen him repeat things in episodes that he said in internet posts, too. Impossible to know which came first. Should he change a line of dialog for the relatively few of us who know that he's said something similar in another show? I don't think so but your mileage may vary.

For me the strongest part of the Elizabeth scene was Kurdy and his reaction to her injury and then death.

And the second season is just *killer*! Hope it comes out on DVD soon (or at all, for that matter) so you can enjoy.

He tends to reuse themes but often with a slightly different twist or setting so I really don't mind either. :)