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Segnificance of the name Gideon


Beyond the rim
I was looking over some old JMS comments (on Lurkers' Guide I think) and read how the religious connotations of Captain Gideon's name would be segnificant later in the Crusade series. He indicated it was chosen for a reason. Anyone know what the reason might have been and what it may have meant?
I'm sure whatever the implications were they went further than the exchange planned between the Govenor of a space station and Gideon in the script for Value Judgments.

The Govenor says that with a name like Gideon, he'd have expected him to be a religious man. Gideon responds that if he lived up to his name he'd be in every hotel room in Earth Space :)

The Govenore replied that women wouldn't object :devil:

Can't disagree with that one ;)
Not really. Gideon slew his enemies with a very small army. Here's a site that tells the story. It's kind of long.
The Gideon story in the Christian Bible.

Captain Gideon = Gideon
Box (or Galen) = Angel of the Lord
Drahk = Marinates
Shadows = Baal
Destruction of other ship or shadow tech base = destruction of Baal shrine
(Possibly, Gideon destroys the factory making the false cure. Alternatively it goes into production and the evil Shadow tech false cure symbolically steals the human soul.)
Earth/Earthforce turns against Gideon
Lochley or Sheridan = Josh
Crew of Excalibur or the Rangers = Small number of fighters
The collected Shadow Allies = allies of Marinates
Gideon wins a fight with the Drahk by means of a trick or new technology.
The Interstellar Alliance (ISA) then beats other Shadow Allies/servants.
Other things happen.
Big battle - Excalibur, Earthforce and ISA Vs massed Shadow Servants.
(Drahk fleet destroyed and cure to virus found. Shadow/Drahk agents on Earth are eliminated.)

That is quite a story. Written properly it could take two or three years to retell.