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Seeing if their is any interest in an RPG thread..

If you have absolutly no intrest in RPG's, stop reading now, if you do have some intrest keep reading.

The action takes place on StarNight Station, this is where most characters interact, and is where parties are formed for quests. The quest for the Scrolls of Valen is a good example of this. There will be constant "on station" plots, as well as "off station" plots formed by various posters to start a quest. anyone can start a 'off station" plot, though if anyone will join is unknown. Due please continue to post if a majority of player are off on quests, someone needs to keep the lights on.
The remaining slots for characters is as follows:

First come, first serve
1. Commander: War-Demon
2. Lieutenant Commander: Open
3. Security Chief: Elizar
4. Security Assistants: 3 Open,
Derian: 2nd in command of Security
5. Chief of Engineering: Open
Assistant Engineers: 4 Open
6. Chief Of Medbay: Open
Medbay assistants: 4 open
7. Squadron leader Crossed Swords: Open
8. Squadron Pilots: 12 spots open
9. Ship Dealer: Crazy
10. Various Business Owners: Unlimited
AW: The Firstone's Pizza Parlor
11. Various Criminals: Unlimited
12. Normal Player Characters: Unlimited

If you wish to join, post your Character's bio[see example below] in the http://forums.b5tv.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB12&Number=179263&PHPSESSID=&fpart=1#Post179263
thread. also read the thread compleatly as to get a backround for the other characters as well as rules, ect..

Physical Condition: (what shape you are in, poor, moderate, good, excellent)
Marital Status:
Business: (leave blank if you do not wish to run one)

BackStory: (what is the history of your character)

If you join, add "Proud member of StarNight Station RPG" to your sig.

P.S. after a few quests, you may want to update your characters bio as to keep it current...

Along these lines I should mention Im currently planning a B5 based rpg of some form, online. Possibly (but no certainly by any means) as a MUD type thing originally, porbably as a graphical thing when I get my coding skills up to scratch.

For those that don't know a MUD is like an online text based game wiht players interacting with each other. I may entirely skip that phase and only do the graphical thing.

Just wondering if there's any interest from people, I could probably use help making it as well. If I get a fair bit of interest Ill start a new thread and announce properly.
If I weren't in a ton already, I'd consider joining. It looks awesome. Hope you guys have a blast! :D

Rommie ;)
Well, there is about 2 dozen+ spots available, and thats just for station personel. There is room for an unlimited number of standard characters....

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