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Season Two Interruption


I just receieved word from Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Jeremiah Executive Producer and Platinum Studios Chairman) with this information:

I’m happy that our numbers keep growing. As we head toward the Jeremiah 2003 season finale (November 7th), our viewers are growing in numbers with each episode including an over 50% increase in its time slot from… even the premiere.

We don’t have a date yet for Jeremiah’s 2004 season, but it’ll be at least 8 episodes, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Thanks all, and I appreciate any support you can give. We want our 2004 season to start as soon as possible!!!

We have more information from Mr. Rosenberg for the two upcoming episodes this Friday posted on our forums and will remain in close contact with him as things continue develop.

Faith manages.
Once again GH demonstrates that he knows squat about how USTV works !!!

So this means that having premiered season 2 on Friday October 10, there will be no more eps shown after November 7 (which means that they will have aired a grand total of 5)?

SMR then says that the 2004 season will be "at least 8 episodes" - when there are 10 left to be shown.

Is this always how series are shown in the US? If so, there is no wonder that viewers are catching on to the idea of whole season box sets on DVD.

So this means that having premiered season 2 on Friday October 10, there will be no more eps shown after November 7 (which means that they will have aired a grand total of 5)?

No, as Loburian already mentioned ... after Nov 7th a total of 7 episodes will have aired from season two. That leaves 8 episodes from season two that remain unaired which will apparently become all or part of season three.

Is this always how series are shown in the US?

Uhm, no but I don't claim to understand the reasons behind doing the things studios and networks do. I just hope the rest of the episodes actually get aired. I hope we can avoid Odyssey 5's fate. :(
As you may already know, Showtime has cut short Jeremiah's second season from 15 episodes to a measly 7, and doubled up at the end to make the second-season run less than one month. The kicker is, of course, that all 15 episodes are in the can already and not one more dime needs to be spent to make them see the light of day.

This nasty treatment, of course, screams "future cancellation" to the folks at THE ABYSS, so we'd like to nip this in the bud before it actually happens and give a boost to the show -- which, while not always Shakespeare, is at least one of the most original things happening in genre media's current love affair with latex-and-gore extravaganzas.

We need to make as much public noise as possible to make a Jeremiah-sized dent in the Showtime January schedule. We have a huge list of emails, web sites and mailing addresses for you to peruse. There is even a few easy clickable email links and a suggested letter copy to send along to Showtime, MGM and SciFi Channel.

We need to act quickly and show a strong show of force so in order to help that along, we have started a new promotion on the web site. All you have to do is forward, copy or send us an email to jeremiah@hubbe.net in regards to our campaign.

Please let me know if there is anything else we should be doing or if you want to donate to the cause. I am going to figure out how to pay for all the prizes later. ;)

For more information, visit:

PS: If anyone is willing to provide me new S2 episodes (beyond episode #2.07) from the Canadian premium channels, please contact me!
Oh F*#K this S&!t.

So let me get this all straight here:

1) Jeremiah's first season was 22 episodes long and aired from March 2002 until August 2002.

2) Jeremiah was renewed for a Season 2, but only for 15 episodes. While Season 1 started in March and ended in August of 2002, Season 2 did not even start airing until OCTOBER 2003, over a full year after the first season ended.

3) Now they are changing their tune, and plan on Season 2 to only be 7 episodes long, and end it in November, and to keep the remaining 8 episodes for Season 3?

So what can we all expect here? Season 3 to start in December 2004? Then for them to decide they want Season 3 to be only 4 episodes long and to sandbag the remaining 4 episodes for Season 4, which will air in January 2006?

Honestly, I don't care about ANY television show to want to keep up with this shit. If their numbers are good, they are going to kill them by doing this. I just don't give a damn anymore. It isn't worth trying to keep up with at this point, no matter how good the season was supposed to be...
Sorry you feel that way but we are making them take notice and the campaign has only been up for l2 hours or so. Whether it makes a difference in the long run is anyone's guess but if we hadn't made the effort now, I can almost guarentee this show would disappear into oblivion. :(

BTW, season one had 20 episodes.

Also, the future of Jeremiah is up in the air right now as Showtime has not said anything other than episode #6 & 7 will be the season two finale.

If we are -lucky- Showtime will air the remaining 8 episodes of season two. I don't really care if they call it the second half of season two or the beginning of season three. Just as long as we get to see them. I would love more new episodes but that would be icing on the cake for me at this point. ;)

That is the whole point of the campaign. Let them know how pissed or upset you are and that you -want- to see the rest of the season. Right now, Jeremiah isn't a show that makes MGM or Showtime sit up and take notice. Mostly it is there own fault but I am not letting this show go down without a fight. I can't give up hope on it yet ... JMS taught me better than that. ;)
You want my contribution to the campaign? Paste my above post and send it to their asses.

Me, I will just wait and hope that all 15 Season 2 episodes end up on DVD then fuck Showtime, Ill get to see them without their involvement...

Oh, you can also add to my above post that after the S2 "finale" airs my Showtime subscription goes away and I am signing back up for the STARZ package. Only reason I had it anyway was to watch Jeremiah, and they are obviously not interested in even showing what is already made.
Lyta, I seem to recall reading that the Season1 DVD set will be Fullscreen and Dolby2. Do you know why they're doing this. After shooting B5 in widescreen Im sure jms wouldnt take a step back with Jeremiah.
I sure hope they show the rest of the s2 episodes. I don't want to start watching another series that has no ending. :(

Btw, this "interruption" started right after I started watching Jeremiah s1, I hope I didn't jinx the series. :eek: :p
I really don't know that many details about the DVD set except for what has been posted on Amazon and Cinescape (I think they posted the info from MGM's release). It does suck that it looks like it will be in "full screen" format because it was shot in wide. *sigh*

JMS had nothing to do with the DVDs as he only found out about them on the net like everyone else. :(

Damn you Nancy! I knew someone was to blame for all this. :LOL: :p
We are starting to get some news coverage about the campaign so this is exciting! Remember, quality and quantity matter. Be polite and thank people who respond to your emails/phone calls as well as any sites that give us coverage. :)

I just got off the phone with Ken at IGN Filmforce who should be putting out a story tomorrow morning. Watch for it!

Finally, Rob Worley (RobWorley@comics2film.com) from Comics2Film put this out in his newsletter tonight:

'Jeremiah' fans creating a buzz
Showtime is cutting the second season of 'Jeremiah' short and fans are massing to voice their displeasure. When will the eight, unseen episodes air next? Fans are looking to convince Showtime that Jeremiah they want the show to continue. November is crucial!

Click for details on how you can help build the buzz!

Full Article: http://www.comics2film.com/FanFrame.php?f_id=4171
Date: 11.06.03
Veracity: High - This news is as solid as it gets
I think its good that s2 was interrupted for a bit, it gives me a chance to catch up with you guys! :D :p
As long as S2 resumes, I don't mind the break. Showtime is getting cancelled for a while at least... cheaper bills!


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