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Season Two Airdate

Why would they show the Pilot before the season 2 premier? The last 2 episodes would make more sense.
The whole season one would make more but you are right, the season one finale would make a heck of a lot more sense than the pilot. :rolleyes:
Showtime probably wanted to get some new viewers for season 2, and figured they should show some season 1 episodes first, which makes sense. But I guess no one there actually watched Jeremiah at Showtime because if they had they would know that watching the pilot and then the season 2 premiere would leave any new viewers confused, and that it would make much more sense to show the episode that comes immediately before it, because then new viewers could understand more what's going on. And since it has been a very long time since the last season ended many of the viewers from last year might have forgotten exactly how last year ended and would want to refresh their memory by watching "Things Left Unsaid" again. :mad: :mad:

They should make it easier to be a fan. :(
No kidding. Any wonder why Jeremiah doesn't do any better? No support from anyone who matters. :mad: