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Season One DVD Avail for Pre-Ordering


Yipee! Amazon has finally posted information about this set (not much there except for a release date of Jan.20.2004) and have made it available for pre-ordering. :D Both Amazon and Amazon Canada have it listed but there is no news about a R2 version. :(

If you enjoy my web site and the information it provides, please help support it by purchasing through our links. However, if Antony wants to put up links to purchase this DVD set on this site and you want to support his site instead, please purchase through his links. I won't be offended ... much. :p :)

For more information, visit:
Everywhere I've looked has the aspect ratio listed as full frame for the first season. Is that right? Was the first season filmed in full frame and then the second in widescreen? Because if it was filmed in widescreen and the DVDs are in full frame I'm gonna be a very very unhappy camper :mad:
I haven't been able to find very much info about this set at all let alone what aspect ration is listed. I can't remember if it was filmed in widescreen but I can't imagine why they wouldn't. Full frame would kinda suck but I guess I would buy it anyway. :rolleyes:
I was going to buy S1 from play.com, who had it on their website for pre-order at around £40. But then it disappeared! Dunno why :confused:

I want to avoid amazon if I can, as they can get expensive when shipping to the UK.
Yeah, I don't know any good sites to order it from for the UK viewers. It probably disappeared from play.com because it is only being released for R1 as far as I can tell. Maybe R2 will be coming later but I haven't heard anything yet. :(
It probably disappeared from play.com because it is only being released for R1 as far as I can tell.

Yeah, that's where they had it - in their R1 section. But then it went the way of Babylon 4 and vanished! :eek:
Good deal! I wish they had an affilitate program or that Amazon.co.uk sold it. Oh well, maybe I will catch them when the R2 version comes out.

At least you get to buy it at a reasonable price though now. :)
BTW Monica, I love your Jeremiah fansite! The gallery sections are especially cool. Keep up the good work. :cool:
Thanks! Glad you like it but I am so far behind in getting it updated. :( Maybe I will get something done this weekend. ;)

Happy Holidays!
Argg! I was looking at buying the set, but saw on Amazon that its full frame. Why the hell would they do that??!?! :rolleyes:
Im almost CERTAIN it was filmed in Widescreen. Maybe they will have a widescreen release at some point down the road...
I seem to recall it was filmed in widescreen too but can't verify it at the moment.

Maybe if the sales do well enough and if enough people ask for the widescreen version ... we -might- get it.

Also, for those of you who want to save some money off the DVD set, here is a $5 off coupon:

Click on it to open the full image and save it to your computer or just hit the print button and take it with you when you buy the DVD set:

I'm torn just now...to buy it R1, fullscreen, thus showing support for it right from the get-go, or to wait for either R2, or Widescreen, or both...


Also, as an aside, anyone in the UK have any idea if we'll ever see S2?

S2 may or may not be in widescreen when it comes out in DVD. We will just have to wait and see or drop MGM an email or phone call to let them know we want widescreen. ;)

The UK should be getting S2 eventually. I heard that SkyOne aquired the rights along with Channel 5 (s1 and s2). Whether or not they think they have enough interest to show Jeremiah is another thing...

PS: I am going from memory here so check my boards for more accurate info.
Will do, thanks. They booted the last 3 eps of Season 1 to a post midnight timeslot though, so I'm not too optimistic about Sky "We hate good Sci-fi" One. :confused:

I'll be buying s1 soon, right after I'm done watching b5-s4 that is. :p I'll finally be able to see all the eps. :rolleyes: :cool:

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