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Season 5 orangey-ness


Just started watching season 5 of 24 on DVD, and couldn't help noticing that just like Season 5 of B5 everything looks very orange. Does anyone know how/why this happens? It's something that's bugged me since forever. I theorised that it might have been the lighting, the film stock, deliberate colour-matching (I notice that 24 uses a lot of aggressive colour-matching to keep the timeframes looking consistent) or even something to do with the NTSC-to-PAL conversion..
I don't suppose you have any screenshots where this is evident in? I can't say I have ever noticed it, but maybe I haven't been paying attention.
Everyone's hair has a russet tint.. Flesh tones are often deep orange (even by normal LA standards :)). Backgrounds are generally brown and murky, especially in the early part of the season (seems to peak in Secrets of the Soul). Looks to me almost like they went for an orange theme initially, and toned it down as the season progressed. To my knowledge this applies to the UK broadcast, VHS and DVD versions at least, so it's not that I have a dodgy set. I'd be happy to make some screen caps if I knew how..
I watched the last 4 eps of season 5 tonight and I did notice the orange tint in Sheridan's hair. Now of course, I have noticed it before, but while watching tonight I thought of this thread. ;)
Although this doesn't really help to prove my point because SiL was completed at the end of season 4, if you compare Sheridan's complexion in RW7427's avatar to his complexion in Recoil's avatar, you get some idea of how I perceive most of season 5...

Something that just occurred to me. I know the sky in Los Angeles turns orange, but does the air ever turn orange? to the extent that it might affect filming in an indoor studio? It might explain a lot, as B5 and 24 were both made there :)
I have to admit that I only ever noticed Sheridan's hair was a little orange in Season 5, but I do see what you mean about the difference in the two avatars.
Yes, I can see what you mean in the avatars. Perhaps they decided to do the colour grading a bit differently in S5? That would also explain how SiL has S5's look, despite being shot as 422.

I'll see if I can make some screenies of similar looking things in S4 and S5.
edit: I can't find really good examples quickly. But if anyone wants to, point out some episode/scene and I'll make some screenshots so we can compare.
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Or it depends on the settings in Photoshop or whatever software AntonyF used to create my avatar. A lot of this has nothing to do with true image, and a lot to do with software when it comes to pictures. His face didn't look "Orange-ish" in SiL to me.

Also, SiL was a Season 4 episode, so it can't be considered part of Season 5 for the purposes of this discussion.
I watched three Season 5 episodes last night and it really does look okay to me...:D except for Sheridan's tooooo orange hair! :D He's STILL cute, though!
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You have to watch the earlier episodes really (worst offender Secrets of the Soul)..

I made an avatar :)
It is a while since I watched S5, but IIRC there was a large amount of stuff happen with the telepaths in brown sector (probably more than at any other point in the show) so I imagine they were trying to produce a suitably less well lit, neglected feel to that than the rest of the station.

Can't remember how orange the rest of it was though ... apart from Sheridan's hair, of course.
so did anyone else find season 5 to be orange?...it`s the last one i need...