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Season 5 DVD Release Date Set!


Check it out!

Ok, maybe not. Looks like the Amazon.com folks typed in Fifth when they should have typed Fourth. Oh well. :p In any event it looks to confirm the release date of 01/06/04 for S4.
I like how its sales rank is already #154 and its only be up there for what... 12 hours?!

It's up to #112 now. :) And the price is $5 less than previous sets- $69.99. Of course as soon as they realize that it's season 4 instead of season 5, they'll cancel all these orders.
What we really need to do is set up gambling on this thing like in Vegas so you guys can do something constructive with your monitoring of the changing rank...
Amazon.com have corrected their typo and you can now pre-order SEASON 4!! (and it's still no71) :LOL:
Only took them a week.
Pretty amazing when you think about it..........a $70 set of an old TV show, 3 months before it's released and it's 26 in Amazon.coms sales list!! :LOL:
WB (and hopefully JMS) must be very happy!

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