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Season 4 Release Date Change?



Ingram Entertainment has confirmed November 18th as Release Date for Season 4. Everyone else is still saying January 6th. Anyone else hear rumors of WHV moving up the release date? john@trekstopdvd.com

Here's a strange new twist: I contacted WHV customer service and was told that no official Release Date has been given yet. Hmmm...
I've just checked there extremely reliable sources, The Home Theater Forum , TV Shows on DVD (the folks who broke the story on the January 6th release date and were first up with cover art and specs) and The Digital Bits, one of the best DVD news sites around. The Bits was off line for a couple of days for maintenance and they just posted the B5 S4 cover and releaes date today - based on the latest info from Warner Bros.

I've never heard of Ingraham Entertaiment. It is possible that they've received some kind of scoop from Warner Bros., but if this is true I'd expect to see it confirmed within days by sites I believe to be more established, and which I know have solid contacts inside Warner Home Video.


Still............we can but hope :eek:
My comment about it being a dubious post was more in regards to the posters NAME as well as the fact that this post was his ONE AND ONLY post on this board.

Could he or she just be out to jerk someone's chain? I think so.
OK.......I've just heard that Buy.com are advertising availability on NOVEMBER 18th???!!!
Tell me it's true! :eek:
OK.......I've just heard that Buy.com are advertising availability on NOVEMBER 18th???!!!
Tell me it's true! :eek:
Well it is true that Buy.com does have that release date. See the below link:

buy.com Season 4 info

This is all very odd.

I guess we have to wait until someone can hear back from WHV officially. Amazon.com still says January 6th, but come to think of it, they DID debut the product as Season 5 (hence me starting that other thread in jest), then corrected it to read Season 4. I wonder if it WAS meant to have S4 in November and S5 in January. Possible. One thing is for sure, some sites certainly have their information incorrect.

At this point I won't really trust any sales site's release date. I would need to hear it from the source: WHV
I've never heard of Ingraham Entertaiment.

I BELIEVE that Ingram Entertainment is actually a division of Ingram Micro, a major distributor of retail products. Anything from TVs to Computers to whatever. They supply many retail chains like BestBuy and CompUSA with the stuff they carry in stores. Their URL is www.ingramentertainment.com with the parent company being www.ingrammicro.com

I do think it very likely that they have some sort of ties with Warner given their business...
Oh Bucket-Headed One, grant us an early B5 bounty and change the hearts of the grinches that will not release the Season Four Goodness before Christmas [Boojimas?].

And if, in your wisdom, you see fit not to do so, please condider placing forty wild badgers in their trousers.
Just an FYI: Ingram Entertainment is the country's largest distributor of DVDs, videos and games. As a retailer I have an account with them. The site where I saw November 18th posted is www.accessingram.com. It's a password protected site because it's for retailers only. I did confirm that date via email with my sales rep. However, there are still other sources showing January 6th, and I have no official word from WHV yet. I personally will not be listing the title at my site until I have definitive word on this.

By the way, I don't think Ingram Entertainment is conected with Ingram Micro, but I could be wrong.
I just checked the R1 S4 release date on play.com and it states "availability: Out now. Waiting for delivery of stock." :eek:

Surely, this can't be right? Can it? :confused:
Ingram Entertainment is the country's largest distributor of DVDs, videos and games.

OK, now it's coming back to me. Ingram is also a large distributor of books, and I dealt with them when working for a bookstore. While most new titles would be ordered in quantity direct from the publisher, special orders and emergency stock-replenishments on hot titles almost always went through Ingram, because they would generally be processed faster and because Ingram often had titles sitting in their warehouses that publishers were out of stock on. Because we were a small independent, not a unit in a large chain, we sometimes found it cheaper to buy even new titles from some publishers through Ingram. Because they bought in such volume and got such great discounts that they could sometimes sell us books for less than the publisher would charge us with our standard discount. (Another reason we bought special orders from them, since the majors would not give us our regular discount on orders of one or two books, which meant we didn't make a profit on special orders bought that way. Dealing with Ingram allowed us to order a dozen books from as many publishers on a single order, which also saved time and money.)

I suspect they fill something of the same role in the CD and DVD area, a prime source for smaller retailers, and a secondary one for the big chains. (I've got to believe that Best Buy and Target order their DVDs directly from the studios.)

But since everybody deals with Ingram, all it takes is a typo in an Ingram release schedule for any number of websites to post the same erroneous date and "confirm" one another because they all have the same info.

I'm still waiting to see something from Warner Bros., or from one of the real majors like Amazon.

Surely, this can't be right? Can it?

No, it can't be. :) Regardless of whether the target date is November or January it is likely that the discs haven't even been replicated yet, and a dead certainty that they haven't been delivered to retailers. They aren't "in stock" anywhere, believe me.


You are probably right about the bigger retailers. I know that Walmart orders very large quantities directly from the studios.

Anyway, I confirmed the November Release date via email directly with my sales rep. at Ingram. If it's an error, it's not just a typo. I will post again when I have confirmation from WHV.
What's the problem?? Not only do you have a release date...You have a choice of three :LOL:
It maay be Nov, it may be Dec, it's most likely Jan 2004.
(It may be when hell freezes over) who can tell??
UPDATE: Ingram has changed the release date on their Web site to January 6th. It looks like it's official.