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Season 3 R2 Release Date


Sorry if this has been discussed before but I could not find any definitive info about it.

I know that because the previous seasons have sold so well that Warner have changed the release date to August 12th :D However, this only seems to be for R1. All the UK sites show the R2 version release date as November 10th :confused:

Does anyone know if this is correct or have these sites just not been updated yet?

I can get R2 for £40 from www.blackstar.co.uk, but if I have to wait until November then I'll probably get the R1, but this costs over £50 :(

If anyone has any definitive info on this, it would be greatly appreciated :)
I sent an email to Play.Com UK in July asking about this very thing and got the following in reply:

Hi there

Thank you for your email.

The information regarding item specifications comes directly from the releasing studios. Whilst we strive to keep our website as up to date and as thorough as possible, we are unable to provide any further details than those specified.

We are very sorry that we could not be of further help on this occasion.

Kind regards


which made me none the wiser ... :rolleyes:

It seems thus that the R2-release will be in November after all , 3 months after the R1-release however strange that seems .. has anyone else heard any different ?

I have recently bought a region-free DVD-player and so will opt for the R1-release of B5 Season 3 now in August ( :D :) ) though it is more expensive yes.
What's the deal with NTSC vs PAL. I read somewhere that the R2 DVDs are supposed to be better cos PAL has more lines, but aren't all dvds encoded at 480 lines of vertical resolution?

I live in South Africa which is R2, but I'm buying the R1 discs cos its cheaper. Plus the slipcase is shiny. Shiny counts...
PAL's scanning rate that is higher and it gives a better quality. Also the joke outside of NTSC countries is that NTSC means 'Never The Same Colour'. ;)
Amazon.co.uk have Oct 27th down as the date of R2 B5 S3 DVD's.

Ah, they must have only recvently added it on - it wasn't there last I looked.

Thanks for all the various info everyone :)
PAL does have a higher resolution than NTSC by about 100 lines (567 vs.480), so PAL looks better in even a mediocre player -- the difference is much smaller in a really good player (like a computer with a high resolution monitor display). However, with less than pristine transfers from older source material (like B5), the higher resolution can be liability as it makes the imperfections more obvious.

There's also cost to be taken into account -- living in region 1, I find NTSC releases to be generally cheaper. Depending on the relative quality of the PAL vs. NTSC releases, the decision rests on whether the higher quality of the PAL release is proportional to the higher price.

Here's an excellent PAL vs. NTSC discussion .
Hey, that's a great article - thanks :)

Within the article are links to other articles about 16:9 format and why PAL plays at 4% faster - very interesting!
You're welcome :cool:

The website of the guy who wrote that article is a great resource -- the reviews take into accounf which region's release is the best.

If you want to get region 1, stuff I recommend Videoflicks -- they're a Canadian etailer that ships worldwide. Also your pound should go further there because of the exchange rate( $1.0000 = £0.4428 ).
Same here, but I bet you and I got ours from a place that doesn't ship outside North America. Videoflicks is the only one I know that ships everywhere.
I was talking about getting region 1 releases from Canadian etailers that ship worldwide -- Canadian being good because of the relative weakness of the Canadian dollar when compared to the British pound -- but that www.dvdsoon.co.uk could prove interesting for region 2 titles (do they have region 1 titles as well?). Do they sell as well as rent? Currently the best region 2 place I've found is www.cd-wow.com.
Lol, you have missunderstood me, its dvdsoon.com. They are based in Canada, I ment that they are a favourite retailer for many based in the UK beacuse, as you state, the C$ is very weak and the ship worldwide.
Ahhhhh, well the "here in the UK" was pretty misleading ;) Still, excellent, eh. I didn't know about those guys so thanks -- that B5 price is better than Videoflicks.

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