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Scripts Team needs your help


We need your help. The Babylon 5 scripts team is attempting to locate Terry Jones, best known to B5 fans as the compiler of the Official Babylon 5 Chronology which appeared in several issues of the Babylon 5 Magazine.

We have two email address for him that don't seem to be working: Terry.jones940[at]ntlworld.com and Terryj196[at]nltworld.com. We are looking for an updated email address or even a phone number. As of the publication in the B5 magazine, Terry and his wife Sarah were living in the UK.

As thank you to the first person that submits information leading to our successfully contacting Terry, the Babylon 5 scripts team will gift you with a complimentary copy of the next release from J. Michael Straczynski, including shipping.

Please send all leads to help@babylon5scripts.com and put Terry Jones in your subject.

Thank you,
Babylon 5 scripts team

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