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Script Book Volume 12 update


For those interested, Volume 12 of the Babylon 5 Script books goes on sale August 31. I also just got this note from Jaclyn, captain of the B5 Scripts Team about the 'vacation amnesty' program they have so that people away from their computers during the debut discount period can still get the reduced price:

We've gotten a handful of e-mails from folks who are going to be out
of town in the first part of September and who just read about the
release date of August 31 for volume 12.

Because we had promised a release date in August, it didn't dawn on
people to request amnesty for a vacation in September. It wouldn't
have dawned on us either.

We want to let those folks know that all they have to do is send us an
e-mail with "vacation amnesty" in the subject line and we will put
them on a list so that they can get the debut discount when they
return in September.

We want everyone to know that we appreciate your loyalty to the script
series. If there is anything else we haven't thought of that we can
do for you, please let us know.

Best regards,
Captain, Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Emails requesting vacation amnesty should be sent to help@babylon5scripts.com


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