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SCIFI.com launches official B5LR pages


<font size="+1">SCIFI.com launches official B5LR pages</font>
<font size="3">Plus new cast member details revealed</font>

The SCI FI Channel has launched a new sub-section at its website dedciated to Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers.

Although it currently only contains limited information, most of which is already know, this will be the station's official place for news and information throughout the potential series' run.

At the site is an introduction, crew list, messageboard and public access to the recent trailer. It also contains a cast and character list, with details in line with what has been previously known. It also provides names for three new minor characters. They are Captain Gregg (Andrew Kavadas), Sindell (Bernard Cuffling) and a Minbari crewman (Simon Egan). Gregg is the character named for Bart Gregg, the fan who won the recent SCIFI.com competition.

You can visit the website at the following address:

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