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SciFi Channel "Ringworld"?


SciFi Channel \"Ringworld\"?

Anyone know where can i find info about SciFi Channel "Ringworld",is it cancelled? I have searched imdb, google, SFC website - nothing. Is it so confidential that nobody can't talk about it? Who is staring in it, who is directing it?
Re: SciFi Channel \"Ringworld\"?

No idea. Loved the first two books though.

Googled for a few phrases, but all the articles were dated a year ago.

I also read a while ago that sci-fi were doing an adaption of Joe Haldemans' Forever War, one of the best sci-fi novels ever. But i've heard nowt about that either.

Guess they must have fallen by the wayside, or got cancelled in favour of Anaconda vs The Mutant Lemur Monkey's or something.

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