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Sci Fi Channel UK

We are about to switch our digital TV Providers and go with Sky, which means that we will get the UK version of SFC. So , just a couple of questions for my Brit brethren, really ...

* How much (if any) relation does it bear to its US namesake? Am I right in thinking that they are not even owned by the same company anymore?

* Is it any good overall?

Correct, they share nothing except the name.

You will get nothing new except for the new series of charmed, all the crappy TV movies of the US version, and a load of other shite.

You get Sky One though, which has BSG, both flavours of Stargate and other stuff. If its new on US skiffy, then Sky one will get it first in the UK. Despite the ads and the whole Murdoch thing, its ok.

Bravo is also good for 80's cheese, Knight RIder, A Team etc, and UK gold for Dr Who..
Sci Fi's worth watching, as you get some decent films on there, and right now they're re-running Firefly.

Also, scifi gets the Dead Zone first (before Ch 5 show it eventually); hopefully Season 4 should be on soon...

Cool, haven't seen Firefly yet. If it has hit one of the other channels before it has obviously passed me by. And I already get Sky One - it is one of the few channels we have that gets regular watching other then the BBC.

Likewise Bravo/Living etc. The main reason for switching is that our TV service currently comes through a broadband connection on our phone line which basically means that we can't have standard broadband internet as well. The TV service can offer it, but I object to paying £200 up front + £20 per month for a 384Kbps fixed speed connection, when I can pay nowt up front and £17.99 per month for a 512Kbps connection, with the possibility of upgrading to up to 3Mbps if I want to (and can afford it).

And before everyone jumps in and says BT do this and Tiscali do that ... we live in Hull so don't have BT phone lines and can't use any other providers.

Erm ... rambled away from the point somewhat ... thanks for the heads up on SFC you guys!

Hull, with its independent phone system!!

We are on Telewest digital cable, its ok. They do gie boradband, but I don;t have it yet, mainyl due to some fo the reasons you mentioned, that and a leased line connection i can merrily abuse at work as a sys admin...

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