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Scenes that are best forgotten!


Before I go any further, please don't misunderstand me on this post, I'm not having a go at B5 - I love it and IMHO it is the greatest TV show ever. Just a bit of harmless fun...

There have been some truly amazing scense, but there have also been a few moments that I thought, hmmm, best if I forget that bit!

First up, The Gathering. The scene where G'Kar talks Lyta about telepaths and invokes "Privacy Mode". That was bad & I was so pleased to see that it was removed in the special edition /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Second, in S4, Between the Darkness and the Light (I think) - the Sheridan rescue. The bit where Lyta is accused of being a good liar where she kind of talks to the camera (I forget exactly what she says but I hope you know what I'm talking about?) - a bit too cheesy for me.

And lastly, not a specific scene, but Byron (& co.) singing. Now, there was just no need for this! Maybe JMS had a bad hair day or something /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Are there any moments like this that you wished you never saw? ??
Just the steam activated bullets of the Zarg incident, and the Byron/teep singing scene (limiting this to only "Babylon 5").

If I had to add Crusade:

<ul type="square">
[*] "The air is human." (cringe) Even the aliens should have noticed that. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif
[*] The aliens' head tendrils in "Visitors from Down the Street"
[*] Any of Tim Thomerson's lines in "War Zone." He redefines "wooden."

If I had to add Rangers-TLaDiS:
<ul type="square">
[*]David's lines to Sarah about his childhood.
[*]Sarah's "As another great man said, it ain't over 'till it's over."
[*]The dojo scene (specifically, the lines by Tannier, Sarah, Malcolm & Kitaro).
[*]Sarah's screaming conniption fit in the mine destroying scene, and any scene with Sarah shown firing the weapons.
Yeah, I forgot about the steam gun!

As for the weapon firing in Rangers, I still can't decide if I like that or not - on the one hand it was an original idea, and on the other hand, well, what can I say...
Most of Season 5. I've briefly ran across parts of "The Learning Curve", "Day of the Dead", and "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father" and had to turn the show off each time.

I find that with time, I actually despise Season 5 more and more.

As for Seasons 1 through 4, or as I call it, the REAL Show /forums/images/icons/grin.gif , I would list Ivanova's Boom-shaka-laka dance, G'Kar's fighting techniques in "A Late Delivery from Avalon", the poorly choreographed fight scenes (remember the spinning-kicking Centauri?) in "The Long Twilight Struggle", and Lyta's screaming "I MEAN IT!", in "Between the Darkness and the Light". And what the heck, I'll add any scene with Number One threating to break someone's bones.

Just a few to hold you over.
The scene in thirdspace with Zach and Lyta in the elevator. It would have been funny if it was maybe...
1/8th the lenth it was.

There are actually very few scenes that I disliked.
EEPB!!! You can't get rid of Ivanova's boom-sha-ka-la-ka dance!!! it's unethical
Yep, me too -- Zarg, and steam setting off the bullet furthest away from it first, or at all for that matter. That was the nadir of B5. I liked Franklin's girl friend's singing.
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<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Jade Jaguar: </font color>
I liked Franklin's girl friend's singing.


So did I. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

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<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by B5_Obsessed: </font color>
Most of Season 5. I've briefly ran across parts of "The Learning Curve", "Day of the Dead", and "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father" and had to turn the show off each time.


You've got to be kidding!

The only part of Season 5 that I really disliked was Byron. Everything else was fine.
I really have to agree with most everyone here who mentioned the whole Zarg/Grey 17 storyline and, of course, Byron and the singing telepaths. I didn't really like the whole Jinxo guy either, but luckily David Warner was in there to bring it up several notches.
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I find that with time, I actually despise Season 5 more and more.


Me too. All the bad things of B5 were there. Bad and lazy story and bad actors (*cough* BYRON!). But I can understand why S5 was so dull. JMS was tired and he finished the real story in the previous season so...

Marko Marin
And I consider season 5 my favourite, or at least very close behind S3. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

I hated the Byron storyline, yes, but how anyone can despise the whole season - with the Centauri Prime storyline - is beyond me. I'd say the last half of S5 was the best B5 had to offer, and the part that made me glad I didn't quit watching in mid-season 4 (the absolute worst of B5 for me, when I really had to force myself to watch each ep, just in the hope that things will get better again). /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

But I acknowledge that people's tastes are different. That's what makes life interesting. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
Hypothetically speaking (note JoeDM) seeing as how so many despise S5 and if the S5 dvd sales are half or less of S3&4, I wonder if WB will release SiL separately?

I know quite a few casual fans who tuned out during the telepath arc. I'm trying to get them to return now that Byron's dead thankfully. S5 has had a few gems in The Very Long Night.. and Day of the Dead. Can't wait for the Fall of Centauri Prime arc!
Yeah, tastes are a funny thing. I did like the last several eps of Season 5, although even those seemed somewhat padded, compared to the sleek and efficient episodes of earlier seasons. And damn, I loved Season 4, even if it was rushed.

When Sleeping in Light aired, it was like the return of an old friend; a change in the air. I could feel the Season 4 eminating from it.

Ahhhh, much better.
I am ready for the rotten tomatoes that will be hurled at me shortly.

I don't get why everyone seems to hate Byron and his group. I really don't. Guess that's why they don't pick me for focus groups, eh? /forums/images/icons/rolleyes.gif

I actually liked his group, and though I might have feared him and his lot from time to time (I could see what they were capable of, that's all I'm saying) I really felt what this was doing to Lyta, and maybe that makes me put up with some of the "over the top" stuff that they did.

But all religious groups are dubbed "over the top" or some such when they first establish themselves.

I admit, I don't get the anti season 5 and anti Byron thing.

I thought it added a lot to the series.

I'm ready to run now. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
I didn't hate the telepath storyline itself, actually. I understood their cause etc, and was OK with that, although the whole blackmail thing certainly didn't win any sympathy from me.

It was mainly Byron himself that got to me. Ugh. What an unpleasant man, at least to me. *Shudders* It was an instant reaction for me, from the very first moment he appeared on screen.

I'm sure Robin Atkin Downes is a very nice guy and a good actor (and I didn't hate his Minbari character), but he made be dislike Byron instantly.

And I guess it was both the freaky cultishness of his group and having the storyline drawn out for *so* long, almost half the season from what I remember, that got on my nerves. A 5-6 episode mini-arc would have been just fine, and I suppose I might have tolerated even Byron better if the whole thing hadn't gone on that long.

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