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I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now, and got inspired to post something when I stumbled across this website: http://www.savemyshow.com/shows/babylon5.htm

Does anyone know how seriously Sci-Fi/WB would take such a poll, if they considered it at all? I figure the letter writing campaign would be more effective, but it doesn't hurt to try something like this in addition.
First I'd like to say WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! I hope you enjoy the zanilicious threads here. Now about the poll. Ask Joe DeMartino. He's the local expert.

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Hehe...that's who I was hoping would reply, actually
I've been very impressed with his knowledge of the subject.

And thanks for the welcome
I seriously doubt that that site actually sends in its results like it says it does and even if they do, I am sure the studios treat it like spam.

It does not collect unique votes since I could just sit there and hit reload as many times as I wanted and it kept counting my vote.

Also, there weren't any links about what kind of company they are or anything about the site other than they are "owned and operated by Bored.com".

A site to have some fun at but only if you are "bored" and have nothing better to do.
I am sure the experts around here will have more to say ...

PS: Welcome Matman and thanks for the link even if it is just for fun.

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That is awesome!

This is absolutely great people! Thanks for all your amazing support and I hope you are all rewarded for this great effort!

I applaud you all for this!


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Standard response:
Only written letter sent via snail-mail directly to them might have some say in the matter, if they are on the fence about it. Search the thread for contact info.

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Internet polls and email are generally considered to easy to fake or influence and too easy to do to be noteworthy. The same goes for polls, emails, or petitions.

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