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'Sampler' books from B5books.com


Did you miss the 'Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynksi or the "Echoes of All Our Conversations" series from http://www.cafepress.com/b5books ? While they're never going to be printed in their entirety again, there's a way you can sample the great stuff they contained. $10 debut discount is until 2/21 and coupon code ' ann0214 ' will give you an additional $15 off when you order both.

I've got both of the series and I'm glad folks who missed them will be able to get a taste of this great material!

(yes, I've consulted with them but I don't have any financial interest in these)
I'm interested in picking up the Conversations sampler – only managed to get volume 2 of that series. Even though it is a sampler it sounds like it contains a tasty pick of interviews.

Edit: Well I was going to pull the trigger on the sampler, until this morning when I got an email from those good people on the B5Books team letting me know I had been drawn out of the hat to get the opportunity to buy copies of the books I missed first time around! Yay me! Gonna be expensive though!
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