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Rubbish on sci-fi...

i had to laugh...


The picture on the site clearly demonstrate that the two largest attractions in this TV movie are not the snakes...
Do they honestly commission this rubbish over renewing our favourite shows? Thankfully, we are spared stuff like this in the UK.
Sci-Fi does make some odd choices when making their orignal movies don't they? This one goes in the category for the inner 13-year-old-boy in all of us.
The picture on the site clearly demonstrate that the two largest attractions in this TV movie are not the snakes...

Which creates a certain attraction with my one-eyed snake...

Anyway, are we surprised? These movies cost very little to broadcast. The Sci-Fi Channel is a network of low ambition.
Oddly enough, I was thinking of posting about this myself for some reason. When I saw the commercial for it for the first time, I almost died. I mean, come on. It's PERFECT. Take the giant boa from the Boa series... take the giant python from the Python series... put them together... MAGIC.

Sure, both snakes, despite being labeled as different, are probably going to appear similar, and most likely this won't be the next Freddy vs. Jason, but what the hell. It looks good, in that bad kind of way. In fact, Sci-Fi has become the place to be on Saturday nights for their incredible lineup of movies that suck. They may have the ambition of a reverse-Nobunaga when it comes to delivering groundbreaking sci-fi and fantasy and etc. programs, movies and miniseries, but look on the bright side: now you have a channel that nine times out of ten is funnier than Comedy Central. So excuse me as I return to awaiting this upcoming cinematic travesty. :cool:
The commercial is wack. "The army couldn't stop it..." so they bring in another giant snake? Exactly how more plausible is it that a giant snake would be able to kill it when the army couldn't?

Oh well, it's not something I'll ever watch: my surviving brain cells are too precious.
Actually, from what you've all said, I think i would like to see this now, send a Snake to catch a Snake...

I look forward to further nature deathmatches from Sc-fi, what about Zebra vs Antelope - horns vs spots!
For attacking a giant snake, I guess the use of a giant mutant mongoose is out of the question.
i once had a very long involved conversation about a theoretical fight between A Tiger and a Gorilla, and who would win, someone found a joke in a magazine and took up far too much time. I think we decided the Gorilla would win, but maybe it would die afterwards from wounds inflicted by the tigers claws??
Sounds like movie material...
For attacking a giant snake, I guess the use of a giant mutant mongoose is out of the question.


Ironically, I just yesterday saw the episode of Futurama where they make Dr. Zoidberg huge so he can fight the giant Bender.

Of course, they both just end up trashing the city. :LOL:
"We need to know what can kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln"
"Uh...um.. a giant John Wilkes Booth?"
- South Park

I think the tiger would win. It's quicker and if it gets to the gorilla's throat, it's over. A bear, however, would have a better chance.
Ooooh yeah. This movie was FUN. From its meager beginnings with some confusing wrestling match between a badly dressed, masked wrestler named Boa and another, equally badly dressed, masked wrestler named Python (gee freakin' whiz, THERE'S some foreshadowing for ya).... *deep breath*.... all the way up to the big snake duel in a nightclub which switched to a subway (and I was totally at a loss to figure out just HOW that happened).

I'll be damned if this wasn't just an action packed adventure of a lifetime. Or maybe it was just a crappy movie. Either way, I am now satisfied. HOWEVER, next Saturday's big movie, Deep Shock, has already aired before. Despite the fact that I can easily dig a movie about giant alien electric eels that stars David Keith (who isn't half bad, I might add... and I wish that hadn't rhymed), I want something NEW.

And since I usually try to check facts via IMDB.com for my ever so wonderful movie reviews, I attempted to find the info on Boa vs. Python. Whoops! Seems there IS no info on it yet. Strikes me as odd... somewhat.

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