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RPG Sourcebook


Hey all, Im trying to put my hands on a copy of the Earthforce sourcebook for the B5 project RPG, has anyone seen a copy online or in a shop anywhere, Ive been hunting for months now, and I know its very out of print, but there's got to be a copy somehwere.

Any ideas?
Ummm...I have a copy of it, I beleive. Frankly, unless you have more of the game books it's kind of puzzling in some spots. I looked through it to thinking it had some of the actual system outlined but it doesn't. About the best info in it is names of ships, chain of command, and peripheral characters that could be used. I don't have it handy, otherwise I'd pass on the name of the publisher etc. which is very time saving when doing a book search.
Check with Wizards of the Coast site, I think they were the last ones that may have had a handle on it.
In my mind, if you have the Security Manual, and any of the info off websites about the show, like the encyclopedia, those will do you as much good.
That is, unless you are trying to actually USE that system. Then...well I have no clue.
Personally my goal is to use the now republished Traveller system in the B5 universe...should work wonderfully.
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