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ROTS Teaser Poster


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The Revenge Of The Sith teaser poster was revealed yesterday.

It's a pile of shit. And i'll tell you why- because at Lucasfilm and Lucasonline they know the fans are gonna login into the store and pay for it anyway.

The fan made photoshop fake posters are a trillion times better. Because they actually care about what they are doing.


The images speak for themselfs. Remember the official poster is done by a paid pro and these ones are not. I love how mature Padme looks compared to Episode II. :)
Well, those to me look like they were just put together with Photoshop no better than the fan-made banners on the boards at theforce.net.
Obviously the edges are rough, as they are taken from crappy scanned photos. But the thing is they have been put together with some thought. The lava stuff is pretty cool.

The other one is just meant to look weird. The more I look at it the more I hate it. The Episode II one was kinda lame too, Padme and Anakin side by side and a red lightsaber. They can do so much better having access to high res. images and official stuff. I mean come on, you barely see anakin.
I think someone made it up. There's no way Yoda would do something so ridiculous. It would be very funny though, except for the last part.
Did I say I think the poster is way cool ?! Guess I did yeah .. :D :D ;) Sometimes, I think people just love bashing anything that can be bashed .. and bashing Lucas for what he has done with Eps 1-3 has become a sport for some .. go Lucas and Star Wars!! :D :cool: :D
Just watched the Episode III videogame trailer. Fuck. Has a HUGE spoiler. Heh, thanks lucasarts.