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ROTK speculation


In a previous post, which I can't find at the moment, there was some speculation that we would not see the 'Paths of the Dead' in 'Return of the King'.

I am in the middle of reading the book about the making of the trilogy and am pleased to report that there have been so far, two mentions of the paths of the dead, and one of the Corsair ships.

I don't know why I worried. So far, none of the important incidents in the books have been missed, even if they have been altered slightly. I understand and respect the ommision of Tom Bombadill; am slightly upset at probably not having the scouring of the Shire; but otherwise it's all there as far as I can see.
I know there is talk about no Scouring, but I still think there might be some of it. When watching Fellowship today, I saw Frodo in Lothlorien, and seeing the images of the Shire onfire and full of Orcs. Sure, this might just be a warning, but it may happen in ROTK.

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