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Rising Stars Q


Rising stars is JMS super hero comic series (and one of the best "Super" comic out there).
I got the 2 TP's that came out and I'm waiting for the third but it seems that the publisher is still waiting for the last 2 issues that finish the story.

Does any here know something about it? Anything you read that JMS said about it?

As I read from WorldsofJMS there should be a third TP out (although I can't find it on Amazon) named Visitations that includes the rare zero issue with an additional 6 page story illustrated by Gary Frank, the limited 1/2 issue, and the very FIRST Rising Stars Preview issue. It will take sometime until they get the TP for the third act out, as there still are a few issues to publish (I'm not sure how many).
I got Visitation (it is quite nice), came with this month's comic shipment.
There are two missing issues for the last act to be published as a TP.
Thanks for the site, I'll keep close look on it and wait for the good news.

Thanks :)

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