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RIP W. Morgan Sheppard


Reported by his son, Mark, on Instagram:

We went to spend some time with my father today. Though he couldn't speak, we held hands, he laughed and was so happy to see us. We left and came home. A good day. He was rushed to hospital and passed at 6:30pm, my mother by his side. I am so grateful that he didn't have to suffer any longer. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, love and prayers.
The one time I met him at a convention he was having a wonderful time telling stories about any and everything. Delightful man. He'll be missed.

My uncle mentioned to me "Ira Graves" had died, from Star Trek TNG. I had forgotten WMS played him. I remember him more from Voyager, but mostly from Babylon 5.

Such a distinctive voice.RIP.
86 is a pretty good run. Always enjoyed hearing his voice. I almost always knew it was him without having to see his face.
Agreed! He will be missed. I loved his performances as the Soul Hunter and as Warleader G'Sten. His voice was amazing, believing he was an alien was not difficult.

Among his numerous roles, he also appeared in an episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' playing a priest who has to sit through a rambling confession by the character Mac, so his character suffered a lot. Very funny, not his usual sort of role.

Raw Shark

"Minbari... Pale, bloodless, look in their eyes see nothing but mirrors, infinities of reflection. Will not let us help them, no."
- The Soul Hunter
I saw he passed the other day. Sad news, but 86 is a decent life span. He was a great character actor, and yes, his voice was distinctive and you knew it was him the second you heard it.
Looking back I am actually surprised he was only 86. It seems like he played an older person most of his career.

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