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RIP: Ricardo Montalban

Agreed. He was in so much, it's amazing how many movies (and tv episodes) the man did. Khan of course (for the sci fi geeks), that corny show ;), Sweet Charity (for the musical geeks) and a bunch of early movies where he played the exotic, romantic foreigner.

Anyone remember him from the movie Police Squad? :)

He had an amazing career.
They better line his coffin with "Corinthian Leather."

Only one TV obit I saw mentioned Khan. They all mentioned "Fantasy Island."
I have. It was probably on NBC news. I don't watch much network tv so I can't judge.

Fantasy Island reached a much larger audience. Trek has always been a small (or if you prefer, select :D) group of fans. Fantasy Island was more a "family show" I think. So as much as it may make us Trek fans cringe a bit, it is only fair that it is what most people remember him for. He was in a bunch of black and white films when he was the young, dashing romantic character. No one has mentioned those at all.

In any event, he had a long and quite varied career.

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