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RIP Michael Kamen


Another frequently-unheralded Hollywood personality passed away a couple of days ago. Michael Kamen died of a heart attack at 55.

You may not have heard of him, but you've probably heard his work. He was an accomplished film music composer, composing for such films as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Band of Brothers.

Those of you who don't know his film work might recognize him as the orchestral collaborator with Metallica on their classical/metal melds. I read he also did similar work with Queensryche.

His talent will be missed.
Yep. I only have a couple of his scores on CD (X-Men and Robin Hood), but he was very good indeed.

He had been fighting MS for some time, and I believe I read somewhere that the heart attack was due to complications from this.
...Dead Bang (1989), Road House (1989), Highlander (1986), The Dead Zone (1983).
Michael Kamen

Looking at that list of 85 movies, quit a few of my favorites are in there. I loved the distinctive sound of "Dead Bang" and "The Dead Zone."

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