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RIP Leonard Nimoy


His Majesty
It's hard to believe he's gone. He's been in my life since I was 4 years old, sitting down with my older brother to watch the first episode of Star Trek.

Rest well.

I've been surprisingly sad since I heard the news. I use "surprisingly" because I wouldn't expect to be so sad about the death of someone I never even met. But from everything I've seen, read, and heard Leonard Nimoy seemed like a genuinely nice person. And he was Mr. Spock. Everyone loves Spock.

The death of Spock was one of the more traumatizing movie experiences of my childhood. I was only 3 when Wrath of Khan came out, but I watched it some years later on TV with my mom, the fangirl. It was quite a shock for me, I remember it vividly. I am sort of re-living that moment now ...

He played a part that was enormously important to many kids of all ages spanning several generations.

That's quite an achievement.
Genuinely gutted by the news. For some reason it felt as though he and William Shatner would go on forever. Now we've lost De Kelly, James Doohan and Leonard Nimoy, as well as the Roddenberrys. I'd like to think though that in 100 years time people will still talk about the original crew of the Enterprise.

"He's really not dead. As long as we remember him."
Yes, he certainly influenced a lot of people's lives. And he seemed to have fun with his work when he wasn't so much in the limelight, as well.

He had a great run, and will be missed.

Yea, it's increasingly the end of some Science Fiction eras.
It is quite amazing how many people have said to me how affecting his death has been on them, even though they never met him.

I was fortunate enough to meet Leonard many years ago. His warmth and humor were clearly evident. Spock's effect on me as a child has proven to be much more than I actually expected. The best example of that happened just a few days ago. I was watching TV, turned the channel and The Wrath of Khan was on. Historically, any time it is on and I notice it, anywhere in the movie, I'll stop and watch until the end.

Just couldn't do it this time.

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