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Richard Biggs United Fan Con


I just attended United Fan Con XI this weekend and I have to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Richard Biggs. I first saw him about two weeks ago at Chiller Theatre and had him sign my B5 writer's bible but passed on a photo since he was charging $20 and I had so many other guests to get autographs from. Further I was going to see him two weeks from then(Yesterday) and had already paid for autograph privileges at that con.

So I get to the con and they have tables set up for actors to sign autographs on their own time for an extra fee. Again I said to myself, I paid already so I'll just wait for the OFFICIAL autograph session (two hours set aside after the last media guest speaks). Well I'm in line for an hour and Richard Biggs leaves! No announcements no reasons, just leaves. Jason Carter also left but he was cool enough to sign autographs for everone he passed on the stairs in line to get in as many as he could.

But when I met Richard at Chiller and saw him at his table at UFC he did not (to me at any rate)look very thrilled to be there. On stage he was funny and personable but at the tables I just didn't get that vibe from him. I mean people are lining up to pay you $20 for you to sign your lousy name. I bust my hump for 2 hours to make $20 at work. The least you could do is try to be pleasant. I mean Peter Jurasik for instance who I met at Chiller was SOOOOO nice and friendly.

Has anyone had good experiences with Richard Biggs? To be fair maybe he was having some bad weekends although after shelling out $35 for a con ticket and not getting one of my promised autographs I am not feeling inclined to be fair


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