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Richard Biggs And Jason Carter


Go to http://www.starship2.com/SSIINews.asp
On this site you can download a preview of a silly sf-movie called Starhip II. The movie is crap, and will probably never be finished, but you get to see two of our favorite actors.
You will also see a lot of Leslie Culton, famous for "two" different reasons.
I saw Richard Biggs but couldn't see Jason Carter except in the credits..Was he in the trailer and if so approx. what time
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The videofile I have downloaded is "SSII_Trailer_3c2-High.wmv", size 6,99 MB, total time 3:00.
The first person that speaks, saying: "How about ....." is Jason Carter.
I disagree with you on the movie In the Beginning but I thank you for giving me more info on the JC and RB stuff in that movie...I downloaded another trailer and thought it was cool to see JC along with RB.