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'Revenge of the Sith' reviews (Spoilers)

Re: \'Revenge of the Sith\' reviews (Spoilers)

I checked the Ep III CD on amazon and it has two discs. The second one seems to be just individual themes. Does anyone have the CDs and what is the difference between them?

If it is the same soundtrack set I got, the second disc is actually a DVD. Which contains a very sweet 'Musical journy of Star wars' ... which are film montages to the various key music pieces through the whole series. Check out this link for a very good review and screen caps from the soundtrack. [this what made me go buy it]
EpIII Soundtrack/DVD Review

Re: \'Revenge of the Sith\' reviews (Spoilers)

I haven't trawled through all the posts in this thread to see if anyone has already posted this, but in case they haven't, this is fun :LOL:

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