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In the second episode of the second season just after Garibaldi woke up the other security guy who shot him in Chrysalis was about to pull out his gun, but when Garibaldi said he couldn´t remember, he left medlab.

Why would he de do that? It doesn´t make sense. Wouldn´t killing him right there be a lot worse for him than Garibaldi remembering?
Well if Garibaldi remembered he would be screwed either way. Guess he didn't realize that Garibaldi would be able to find a way to remember what actually happened. Your right that it would have been stupid but he didn't have much to lose if Garibaldi remembered.
It was probably only guilty conscience that made him go for the gun in the first place. the odds that Garibaldi would have figured out who shot him would be astronomical. He was taken off guard and fell forwards after being shot (I thought). Fear made Garibaldi's aide go for his sidearm, not logic.

Telepath's must have an ability to manipulate the visual memory somewhat. Garibaldi was focussing on the men in fron of him, his shooter was seen in a reflection in the top right hand corner of his line of sight. Talia could obviously mover around the scene and also allow Garibaldi to do so.
He had his gun half-way out of the holster, and was going to shoot Garibaldi before he could say anything and give away the plot/conspiracy (it's roots back to Clark). After he shot Garibaldi, I don't think he would have allowed himself to be captured. ;) He might have been conditioned, possibly by Psi Corps. to kill himself, if need be.

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