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'Resurrect Marcus Cole' petition now online


\'Resurrect Marcus Cole\' petition now online

<font color="#ffffff" size="+1"><a name="985895105">'Resurrect Marcus Cole' petition now online</font>
<font size="3" face="arial">Campaign for Jason Carter's return in B5LR launched</font> <font color="silver" size="-2">(posted at 09:58PST)</font>

Marcus Cole fan Steven Frost has created a petition to ask for Jason Carter and his character to be featured in B5LR.

As previously reported, J. Michael Straczynski recently explained, "At this point there's one major character from the B5 universe in the script (a fan favorite)." It is currently unknown who this character will be.

The petition site explains, "This is a petition to ask [J. Michael Straczynski] to bring Jason Carter as Ranger Marcus Cole into the new Babylon 5 spin off show: BABYLON 5: THE LEGEND OF THE RANGERS. The character and actor are much loved by fans throughout the world and is considered by all to be a ‘fan favourite’. We appreciate the he is officially dead, but the stories of his cryogenic stasis are legendary among fans, and surely it’s time to bring him in from the cold."

You can sign the petition by clicking here.

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