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Region 4 DVD

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but just on the off chance they are, I discovered today that the region four box set will be released on the 27th (according to online retailers), and "not sure, in a couple of weeks, put the order in a couple of weeks ago" according to Minotaur, one of the best known scifi/pop culture shops in Melbourne (not necessarily the best, but it's central and presents itself well).

somewhat later than the release date of two days ago that I've seen floating around, but I can wait, I hope. Probably wouldn't have been good getting them in the middle of exams anyway...

Incidentally, the rrp is $119 AUS. but I've seen it for as low as $99.95 - which I'm more than happy with.

Actually the NZ price is $119.99 - if the aussies are selling it at that price you are getting ripped off lol.

and the date sounds right with the nz online shops i have looked at, including warner bros nz
(who also mention the Rangers VHS is comming soon, by the way - yay)
ripped off? most likely - but it hopefully will be in the shops for around $100 - that's what the Minotaur guy thought (but I'm not sure how cluey he was)...

what is our exchange rate anyway - I have no idea, to tell the truth.

Rangers... was that coming out in our Autumnish??? I remember hearing that somewhere. Yay (I have managed to see it, but not in the quality I would have liked /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif).

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