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Region 1 Doctor Who (2005) DVDs in February


Region 1 DVDs in February

Canadian release of new series box set.

The new series of Doctor Who will appear on Region 1 DVD on February 14 2006. This is obviously a Canadian release, rather than an American one, but is enormously good news.

It will be a five disc box set, with the same extras as the UK (but with no audio description tracks or subtitles for the commentaries). And, we are told, it will be "available in fine stores nationwide".
So, then us American Schlubs can get it from Canada in February, but, not from USA? Does Canada have a different address for Amazon.com, then the USA?
What is it with the USA and Dr. Who, anyway? :confused:

And yes, I'll second Sindtur's question. Will we need to go through a different amazon.com to get it?
This is good news! I've been trying to figure out how to get a peek at that series for some time now.

I was never a huge fan of the original Dr. Who but I understand the new one is really quite good, so I'm excited... :D

I do wish that I didn't have to wait until February, though. :eek: Wait...that wouldn't stop me from continuing to visit some of those "fine stores nationwide" until then, would it? I do love to shop! ;)
Can hope you will get a less insane box :D .. my sister got the British release yesterday .. Very pretty, but insanely huge for a random season box of a series. I do hope they don't do this every year, we'd need to add a floor to the house eventually :rolleyes:
It's so weird... when I first saw that second picture, my first thought was "this almost looks like a Drakh". Heh. :D

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