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Redemption 03 programme

Thanks for that. I'm going to be there.

I've had a quick look and as usual there is too much going on. I need a clone to get around everything.
Granted, it would have helped if SteveRogerson explained a bit more to begin with since it was not entirely obvious, but it appears to be a convention in the UK for fans of Blakes 7 and B5.

One of their guests is Damian London who was the Regent in B5 and Mike Collins who was an artist for B5 Comic In Valen's Name.

Interesting, I just noticed they are going to show Jeremiah's "Thieves Honor" and "The Touch". Now "Thieves" is pretty good but I cringe at the thought of what the reaction to "The Touch" will be especially if it a first time viewing of Jeremiah.
I really wanted to go to that - but I can't make it

Right bitch aswell since I live about 25 mins drive from Ashford.

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