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RE: The Rangers movie


RE: The Rangers movie

When are they going to release the legends of the Rangers movie in Australia (DVD, Foxtel or free to air)??????
I'd much rather have Crusade on DVD, but if Rangers comes out, I guess I'll get it... /forums/images/icons/rolleyes.gif
I think that November date is bogus, based on rumor, not hard information. No other R4 news site or on-line DVD retailer has anything to suggest that Rangers is being released on DVD at all, much less in November. If this were legit everybody would be taking pre-orders, just as all the North American and U.K. websites are for B5 S1, which we know has a legitimate release date in those regions. (November 5th and October 14th respectively.)

DVD Orchard boasts that they sometimes list disc up to a year in advance of a rumored release date. I think this policy is idiotic, especially when it involves taking pre-orders for a non-existent disc that doesn't even have a price posted, but maybe that's just me. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif