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Rare Opportunity: Ask B5 writer Larry DiTillio Your Questions


Publishing 180 asked me to post the following --

Not long ago we asked you to submit questions to B5 writer Kathryn
Drennan about her B5 script "By Any Means Necessary" -- which, by the
way, will be featured in her 9,200 word introduction in Volume 2 of
"Babylon 5: Other Voices".

Since some were bummed that they read that post too late to submit a
question you now get another chance, with another writer, Larry
DiTillio. We should also note that you guys asked some fabulous
questions, so we were eager to offer this opportunity up again.

We want to hear ALL your questions for Larry about his script "A
Spider in the Web". Since this is for Volume 2 of "Babylon 5 Scripts:
Other Voices" we can only accept questions for this particular script.

As a quick refresher, in "A Spider in the Web" a friend of Talia
Winters comes to Babylon 5 to negotiate a deal to help Mars become
more self-sufficient when a man calling out "Free Mars!" murders him
before her eyes. Here's the Lurker's Guide page for this episode.

Here are a sample of questions we have lined up just as an example:

- Was Bureau 13 originally meant to be a regularly seen organization
like the Psi Corps?

- Amanda Carter's grandfather was John Carter, a reference to the
series of books set on Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Was it your idea
to include that?

- This the second script of yours to feature cyber-organics; first the
Vicar in "DeathWalker" and the Lazarus Project in this one. Is the
idea of cybernetics and human interface something that interests you?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can email as many questions as you like.
Deadline: Wednesday, May 28
Please forward to our Editor, Jan Schroeder

Thanks all,

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