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I'm not sure of this has been mentioned already...but that music you hear isn't new at all.

Go back to the first season and watch that episode where the presidents earth force ship is being blown up...that's where it's from...

The extended track of music from that scene is on the best of babylon 5 cd....I got it with another b5 sierra disk..so I'm not sure if you can buy it...

Anyway..the main title theme music to the canceled B5 game is on the cd as well....real cool if you as me..would fit well in the new show.

later you sci fi bastards

back to bizarro land

"im off to pinch a loaf"
Well, the music in the B5LR promo, like many here have noted, is a remix of 'Requiem for the Line' from the european release of the first B5 soundtrack, also available on the CD you mentioned. The music of course was first heard in 'And the Sky Full of Stars', and later used many times in the show with variations, such as in 'Chrysalis', and the main theme for season 3.

The remix is available as mp3 for example here:

See you later you sci-fi bastard.


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