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Rangers series



so is there gonna be a legend of the rangers series or not?
sorry to be thick but is there a TV-movie about the Rangers? [like 'A Call To Arms'] not seen enything on UKSciFi
Yes, there is a TV movie ("Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight") that was made as a pilot for a possible new series. The movie premiered in the US a bit over a year ago. The series never happened though.

Hopefully the movie at least will one day be shown in the UK and everywhere else, too. AFAIK, it's only been aired in the US and Canada (but I may be wrong).
No, its a difficult item to get hold of. I DID have a copy which was acquired. Sadly I think I lost or damaged it at soem point. If its released on dvd or vid Ill probably buy it.