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Rangers Promotion

The other day I was on the bus to Math League (sounds dorky huh? but it's really fun) and I was looking at the B5 role playing game that I had just bought. Over my shoulder my friend Andrew (who is not a scifi fan) says something like "Babylon 5? They're advertising that pretty heavely. I saw an and for that on the discovery channel." Then I, of course, promoted the show and Rangers.

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Promotion there has been BULK of it...

I just bought the latest Wizard magazine(comic magazine) yesturday and on one of the page's inside it has a advertisment for the Legend of the Rangers.

Looks good full page.

I just listened to the LotR commercial at Blockbuster... I would of saw it too but they had the TVs off.

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Last week during one of my computer classes I was looking around on the 'net and one of my friends (who doesn't like science fiction, at all) noticed a Rangers banner and complained about how much he's been seeing it.

At least people are noticing.

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Can't say the word about B5 and the Rangers isn't getting out!

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B5 roleplay g game? thought they cancelled it, Ive been after a copy for a while

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It's the card game, my local comic shop has had them forever; with Crusade boosters and everything.

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Crusade Expasions! I used to go to my local Card store and buy some B5 cards. Just before the Crusade expasion came out. They went out of buisness.

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It sure is great to see SCIFI get behind Rangers like this. Especially when compared to TNT's complete lack of promotion for Crusade, which I never even heard about until after it was cancelled!

One of the great myths of fandom, is that there wasn't *any* promotion for Crusade.

There were TV ads, but there also were ads in several magazines. Not only do I have copies of them, but I can recall people discussing whether the headline containing the phrase "renegade rangers" was proper.

There were also ads in TV Guide and the TV sections of local newspapers.

I heard ads on the radio the week Crusade debuted.

Call me a stickler for accuracy, but "utter lack of promotion" is not correct. We can debate the amount of promotion relative to one another (if we knew the relative budgets), but saying TNT's was "zero" is plain wrong because it wasn't.

Just because you didn't see the promotion, doesn't mean it didn't exist. No promotion reaches everyone.

We are all in tune with what's going on and this website is alerting us to every little thing being done. But, we don't know whether more casual potential viewers have been impacted yet by the promotion. That will only be determined when the ratings come in.

Yes, TNT did do promotion for Crusade, but it was nothing like what SFC is doing for Rangers. It has gone beyond my wildest dreams, that's for sure!



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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Especially when compared to TNT's complete lack of promotion for Crusade, which I never even heard about until after it was cancelled!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

1) Savant is right, TNT did promote Crusade.

2) Crusade already been "cancelled" when they shut down production six months before it ever aired, so it isn't as if the amount of promotion had anything to do with the show's fate.

And Sci-Fi's current promotion of Rangers is certainly no greater than TNT's promotion of the B5 reruns, In the Beginning and season five. (The single exception being the trailer running in some theaters in selected markets.) B5 got far more space than any other production in TNT's 1999 season press-kit, including the cover. At the time they saw the series as their debut as a "real" network, with original series as well as movies. The TNT effort was probably greater than what Sci-Fi is doing. (Of course, they were promoting a series, not just a TV movie.)



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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SavantB5:
One of the great myths of fandom, is that there wasn't *any* promotion for Crusade.

There were TV ads, but there also were ads in several magazines. Not only do I have copies of them,...

There were also ads in TV Guide and the TV sections of local newspapers.


Would you please post them, or email 'em to me and I'll host 'em?

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"To Live and Die in Starlight"
pilot movie for "Babylon 5 - The Legend of the Rangers"
January 19, 2002 at 9PM & 11PM EST, January 20, 2002 at 5PM on The Sci-Fi Channel (US).
Another great myth surrounding Crusade was that it did not do well in the ratings. Crusade averaged about a 1.3 during its run
on TNT (excluding the midnight NBA delay). With that average Crusade can be called a success on Cable. Sadly, for TNT, they were not able to duplicate that success with "Bull". "Bull" was placed in the same timeslot as "Crusade" (during the summer as well) and averaged about a 0.8. The result was a cancelled "Bull". And don't even get started on "Breaking News".

Keep in mind, folks, that the most crucial time to advertise is the last two weeks prior to airdate.

We haven't even gotten there yet.

I wouldn't have even expected magazine ads this early because many of the magazine ads they might use (Entertainment Weekly, People, TV Guide) are weekly.

Also, the first episode of Crusade got exactly the same rating as the first episode of Babylon 5-Season 5 on the same network.

I half watched an episode of "Bull" at 03:00 this morning. It only finished a few minutes ago and I can not remember much.

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There are two things that I would LOVE to see for promotion for Rangers. I'd like to see it make the cover of TV guide and have an article and I would like to see a half an hour or hour special on the making of the movie. These two things would make me very, very happy.

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Press coverage falls under "public relations". It's not technically "promotion", if you work in the business.

The PR people can attempt to get magazines and newspapers to write about B5LR by sending them releases and working the phones to get interviews with the people involved, but ultimately it's the writers and editors who have to decide to feature it.

There's also a twice-yearly press tour held in Pasadena. The last one was in the Summer. Did SciFi have the B5LR people there? If so, the press may have their interviews articles filed away ready to use.