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Rangers Continuity problems!


from SLADE-Well I know you all have a great deal of confidence in JMS and the movie will be good. It's already good. It's just that I've noticed several things in the script that are inconsistant with other established things in B5 givin the timeframe of B5:LR. I don't think JMS even realises they're there. He's got so much going on that it must be hard to keep it all sorted out.
Once the movie airs I will remember to make a big long post about my observations. It should all make a little more sense at that time.


You and AntonyF are the only ones I know that have read this script. Do all of you agree that there is a "glitch" in the continuity?

If I recall correctly, Slade later mentioned that what he originally assumed to be problems were not problems at all.

But that's what I remember and I might be wrong.

Canned flarn is a sacrilege.
I think Slade has recently changed his position.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>TV Guide article deepens RANGERS timeline mystery thread:
I just took a look at the latest cut of the show and realised I'd missed a couple of things in the script. The timeline makes quite a bit of sense now. Sorry about the earlier posts, it was my mistake. It's actually pretty cool how it all fits together, so I hope our "series" wishes come true because I can't wait to see what JMS does with this! It all makes for some great B5 IMHO.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I never saw that post. Thank you for clearing this up for me. Heart Attack averted.

Slade, we could discuss Why you made the wrong assumptions.
Was it just something you "missread" or is JMS messing with our minds at some point??

He does that, you know. Deliberately.
And with malicious glee.

Yes, I like cats too.
Shall we exchange Recipes?

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