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R2 - Season 2 DVD episode inlay


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Hi, I'm really sorry if this has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find anything related by using the search feature.
Did anyone else get a French inlay / episode guide on the Region 2 (UK) Season 2 box set?
I contacted play.com about it (whom I bought the boxset from) and they said that all R2 S2 boxsets shipped with it and I need to contact WB directly to get a replacement.
Having phoned them umpteen times and left voicemails for the 'customer service' department (actually sounded like I got through to someone's PA), I never heard anything.
Has anyone else got a French inlay to their boxset?

I'm not anti-Europe or anything, but I'm not going back to my GCSE French textbooks for anyone!

Thanks a lot,

Just scan down this column to the thread titled "Language question about the UK version of season 2," and you will see a discussion of the problem. If there are a few more new posts, it may move to page two, but it is in this forum.
Hi! Thanks for the reply.
So it's quite normal for someone who preordered the boxset to have the French inlay to their DVD boxset? :-\
Is there anyone who's managed to get a replacement? Anyone know the person/address of where to enquire about such things?

Thanks a lot!

I ordered my set from DVD.co.uk and it arrived complete with the French booklet.

I e-mailed them about it, and they said they would sort out a replacement once they had them from Warners. About a month later DVD.co.uk sent me the correct English booklet.

So, I would guess that Play.com aren't offering the same service - probably best to get onto the Warner Home Video support forums. Has anyone got the address? Or perhaps an e-mail address to help this guy out?
Hey, I finally got play.com to replace the booklet. ...but they want the whole boxset back in the post, not just the booklet! What is it with mail order companies never making it easy? :p
They are making it easy.

They're making it as easy as possible for *themselves*.

My guess is they are treating it as a defective set and returning it Warner for credit. Rather than receive your booklet, open a new box, mail you the booklet from that, put your old booklet in the other box, re-wrap that box, and ship it Warner; it is easier for them to just forward your whole box Warner, and send you a whole new box that they have never opened.

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