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R2 DVD news later today


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I'll be announcing something to the newsletter list later, and to this forum. B5TV.COM has decided to affiliate with another company for the R2 Babylon 5 DVD release.

Thanks to those that have held off buying so far. I'm pleased to say that the good news is threefold. Firstly, it's the cheapest price yet (I believe). Secondly, free postage (within the UK at least, will find out for other destinations). Finally, we are an affiliate, so you will be helping the site. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Thats great news Ant, Im doing a website for someone, the only things Im spending on (the rest going for Uni, Im gonna be incredibly skint there) are the B5 DVDs, (through here obviously) and a premium membership hopefully.
This sounds suspiciously like Play.com - they have a cheap price and free shipping. I sure hope it is!

Cheaper than Play.

Sigma, I know it's on Amazon.co.uk. But I've found cheaper. I will be giving an Amazon.co.uk link too, for those that want to order from their.
In the second region, it should be. Given the number of people understanding the language, the alternative wouldn't be very logical. About the first region, I think no. At least the R1 disk of "In the Beginning" only had French subtitles.
Well I'd be more than happy to buy it through you Ant, if I only know what the damage would be shipping to my part of the wold, South Africa that is!

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