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R.I.P. Larry DiTillio

Larry's brother posted on Facebook.

Robert DiTillio
16 hrs
With a heavy heart and deep sadness, I want to let you all know that my brother, Larry DiTillio, also known by his professional writer name, Lawrence G. DiTillio, passed away on Friday March 15. Larry was the story editor for the first two seasons of Babylon 5 and wrote several episodes himself. I’m sure you all know who he was, and some of you may have known him personally. He was a great guy, always joking and appreciative of a good laugh, and he was also an excellent writer and story editor. There’s so much more to say, but I will leave it at this for now. Some of you may respond to this post, and that would be most welcome, but please don’t feel bad if I don't respond personally right away as I need to contact many family members and personal friends of Larry’s in the coming weeks. My heart is broken. RIP my brother.
I'll raise a Jovian sunspot in salute of him, not just for his work on B5, but also for other things from my childhood - He-Man, and Jayce and Wheeled Warriors, and Beast Wars.
So a DiTillio Tribute:

Favorite DiTillio Episode:


Favorite moment from a DiTillio Episode:

Londo, G'Kar, and Sinclair watch Adira dance at the Dark Star and for a moment we see Londo and G'Kar without all the Londo and G'Kar baggage.

Best DiTillio Episode:

BORN TO PURPLE / DEATHWALKER / GROPOS tie. I think all three of these episodes in particular really added to or expanded the scope of the B5 Universe. DiTillio's other episodes had this same quality, but I think these three episodes were his best.

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