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I haven't read all of the questions here so please forgive if this has been asked before. On the old board, if I was signed on, all of the forums would show on the main page. It seems that the new board only gives me the first three forums and I have to use that little drop down box and choose another one before they all pop up. It's not a huge problem, but is there any way to set a default that all come up when I sign on?
It sounds like a caching issue almost.. have you tried pressing F5 after logging in?
Hmm, hard to say at this point. Are the other forum categories like "Other TV-Related Forums" or "The Salad Bar Chat Area" collapsed but visible (with the double down arrow on the right side of the forum group title)? If so, the cookies may remember that the other forums should be collapsed.
Markas, I think I know what you mean by collapsed because I see the little arrows after all the forums come up, but when I first log on, I only see the top three B5 forums. Once I click the drop down box, it doesn't matter which "one" I choose, they all just come up.

I wonder if they would all come up when I log on if I told it that I wanted to watch one of the hidden-for-me forums in my user preferences....?? :DI'll give that a try and let you know!

Btw, don't worry...I'm pretty sure this is :LOL: pilot error! :eek: Good thing they don't let me fly the plane, huh?