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I'm looking for a book. I believe it's call "The Encyclopedia Of All That Never Was." I also think that it's out of print. A friend of mine asked for it as a Birthday present. Has anyone ever heard of it and does anyone know where I might find it? Thanks in advance.

Do you mean "Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were: Creatures, Places, and People" by Michael F. Page, Robert R. Ingpen? Amazon has it here .

Now I have a question for you. "HockeyPlayer47" -- Alias reference?
I think that that is the book that I'm looking for. Thanks CelleDuSoleil.

And to answer your guestion,
Now I have a question for you. "HockeyPlayer47" -- Alias reference?
, not really. I just play hockey and my number is 47. I've had the same number for about five years now. Why? What's the reference to Alias all about? Just curious.
Well, it's a round about sorta reference since one of the characters is a big hockey fan and the number 47 has a huge, but still unknown, significance in the works of a prophet that is central to the main Alias storyline.

Hope that's the book you're looking for. Kinda reminds me of the time someone gave me "The Encyclopedia of Imagery Places" as a gift.