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Question for those with more computer shopping exp


If I order the B5 DVD's from here through amazon what are the risks? I have heard many stories about how people have lost shipments and such, I am just curious as to what exactly is the rish factor.
Re: Question for those with more computer shopping

I am not sure what you are referring to in regards to lost shipments (maybe there were some other companies who have had problems?) but my experience with Amazon has been very good. It probably depends on where they are shipping items to but I have never had a problem with timeliness or with returns/lost shipments.

There were two times that I can recall right now where I either never got an item or I got the wrong thing. With the item that was "lost", they just reshipped it and eventually, I got the original item so it must have gotten temporarily lost or misplaced. With the item that was the wrong thing, they shipped the correct item out and sent me a shipping label to return the defective item.

Overall, I have been pleased but your experience may vary.
Re: Question for those with more computer shopping

Never had a problem, except when they dispatched the s2 dvd a month later than they should, i guess because they had to get new booklets in english, heh.
The issue of possible lost shipments is the same as it would be with any pre-internet mail order or catalogue company purchases, and is more an issue of the shipping service being used (whether US Postal Service, UPS, or whatever) than the "e-tailer" that you are buying the item from. Also like other mail order buisinesses, if you stick to the bigger, more well known companies (like Amazon) you are pretty safe. If you go with a small comany that you found an ad for somewhere and that noone you know has ever heard of, much less done buisiness with, then you run a bit more of a risk of getting burned by a fly-by-night operation (which is not to say that a new e-tailer can't also be comepletely on the up-and-up and provide great service).

Of course, if there is a problem with the item it can be a bit more of hassle to return / exchange it than it would be if you could just drive back to the store. That doesn't mean that you can't do it, just that the process can be more time consuming.
I've done considerable e-shopping and have never had a problem. Frankly, since your purchase is shipped via a private company (UPS or FedEx), you're actually more likely to receive it in good condition than if the shipper is the post office. (Semi-free market Capitalism is a beautiful thing.) I do a fair amount of trade with Amazon, and they've been very good to me. If you stick to the major e-tailers, as someone above mentioned, you'll be fine.
I buy from amazon.com all the time and have never had a problem. When I got a scratched dvd in my season 1 set, they shipped me a new set overnight. I had 30 days to return the damaged one, at their expense.

As for buying online in general, I think if you stick to the larger well established companies you'll do fine.
I've never had a problem purchasing books and DVDs from amazon.com. The good thing about pre-ordering from amazon or most online retailers is that you get the discount and you get the merchandise on the exact release date, sometimes even before. ;)
I have ordered and pre-ordered before and had only one problem but it was as much my fault as the companies -- While typing my address I accidently switched two of the numbers (dyslexia, maybe :rolleyes:) When I did not receive my order I called the company and it took a couple of weeks to get everything straightened out but I did receive my order.
As with everything else in the world, you only ever hear about the negative aspects, and rarely the positives.

My guess is that for about every 500 shipments Amazon do, only a couple will have any serious problems...

Internet shopping is pretty much as secure as any other form of mail order, I've never had any big problems - those that I have had, have been quickly rectified.
I've shopped at Amazon for ages and only ever had one problem, which wasn't their fault. My S1 Simpsons box set had two disc 2s and no disc 3. They sent me a replacement overnight, AND told me to give the bad box set to a friend compliments of Amazon.

I've also made tons of purchases at other e-tailers without incident. My favorite is gone now though... CDnow.


I've shopeed from amazon for a long time. I had a shipment that got lost one time (at Christmas, which is a hectic time anyway), wasn't amazon's fault, but they re-sent the order at no charge, even sent it next-day air. They've always been very good aotu things like this.
I buy almost all DVD's and "Rare" thingies from internet. Everything was always fine. Only one time I had problem, I had a defective DVD (yep, defective, DVD-player couldn't read it, PC couldn't.. nothing could..) one day and one night and I held new one in my hands.
Re: Question for those with more computer shopping

I have ordered both my B5 dvds as well as others from amazon and they have all arrived in excellant condition .

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