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question for the technomage trilogy


Beyond the rim
Galen is initiated into the mages in december 2258. How old are the initiates when they become mages? It seems like they are quite young, but isn't Galen in his 30's? /forums/images/icons/confused.gif
2258 is the year of Galen's 21st birthday. (Casting Shadows, page 13, 2nd paragraph from the bottom)

So in 2267, he'd have been 29 or 30, depending upon the month.
They must be initiates for a very long time, if they become full mages only in their late 20's early 30's.
They become full mages three years after their initiation convocation (the one where they received their full mage implants, and their ships), that they had when they were 21 years old.

Hence, they can become full mages at 24, assuming normal progress. The initiation class of 2258 was a special case though. Being in hiding has stunted the progress of most of the class, because they, certainly unlike Galen, and unlike even Kane, Finian and Gwynne, have not had as much real world experience during their probationary period. Remember, Kane, Finian and Gwynne were called cloister mages. They've spent much of the time in hiding, and have less real world experience than Galen.

By the time we see Galen in A Call to Arms, he's been a full mage for at least 5 years (given Elric's appraisal of Galen's progress just prior to Elric's death).
At no particular age. Young enough to flex and adapt (receive the implants, learn using them, develop their own spell language) but mature enough to accept responsibility. Remember, ages will differ with species. Humans are just one species.
They were'nt in hiding at that time though. It was after Galen was initiated that the mages went in hiding.
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They weren't in hiding at that time though. It was after Galen was initiated that the mages went in hiding.


But they went into hiding almost immediately after they and Galen were initiated. While Galen and a few others were assigned missions outside the sanctuary, the majority of the new initiates weren't and therefore did not gain the same level of experience as he did. Which was the distinction being made. Of the new mages who worked extensively outside the sanctuary, only Galen survived to rejoin the others.


From what i understand humans were, at the later time in the mages history, the dominate group amoung them. I also remember Elric saying something about all the mages in Galens initiate group were "of an age with each other." So...IMHO i think all the humans move up at about the same age (or get casted out). So i believe they would get their chryslis(SP???) at around 18 (remember in the books that Isabelle missed the convacation that she would have gotten hers in and she was around 15 when she last saw Galen). Then they train for 3 years with it and recieve their mage implants around 21. Three more years of training with their teachers after they get their implants and they become full mages around 24. At least that's the way i read it.

From what I read in Book 1,and yup,18 enter chrysalis stage,21 full mage,but I guess they can be apprentice from the age of 0(baby)-17,because Elizar and Razeel were babies when they were Kell's apprentices...but now I won't know what happen after book 1,because they(bookstores) just stopped selling them(book 2 and 3)...WaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Can't you order the books? They may not have them on the shelf, but you should be able to order them.
Well,actually yes,but only book 2,and I have to wait for 49 days,I guess I would be pretty much dead by then,killed by boredom.And why would I want book 2 without book3?
Science Fiction Book Club has a nice hardcover omnibus edition of the Technomage Trilogy.

Also a Centauri Prime Trilogy omnibus.
Galen's cool.

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