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Question about Ivanova's telepathy


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Question about Ivanova\'s telepathy

I was watching Voices of Authority tonight. To refresh people's memories, this was the ep where Ivanova is in the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. One of the things that she sees while she's in there is a conversation between Mr. Morden and then Vice President Clark before President Santiago is killed. After she sees it, Draal says that a "normal" human mind shouldn't have been able to see what she did.

Now my question is this...What did Draal mean by that? Did it have anything to do with the fact that Ivanova was a latent teep? Could she somehow see what she saw because of her telepathy, and how could Draal know about it?
Re: Question about Ivanova\'s telepathy

I figure Draal's "no normal human" was in reference to Ivanova's being a latent telepath. That Draal says "no normal human" instead of something directly telling her that she can do it because she's different than normal humans (in other words, Draal's specific words used) make it seem like he was surprised that she could do it out of thinking she was a normal human, which she wasn't.
Re: Question about Ivanova\'s telepathy

But what was so special about what she did that makes it only possible for a teep to do it?
Re: Question about Ivanova\'s telepathy

But what was so special about what she did that makes it only possible for a teep to do it?

It isn't that "only a teep could do it", nor do I think that Draal knew she was a teep. Sometimes the characters actually mean what they say. When Ivanova more-or-less stumbled across that fragment of conversation she actually forced the Eye and/or the GM (I forget if she was engaged with both at that point, or just the GM) not to move on but to stop and focus on that moment long enough to get more details. That's something no normal Human should have been able to do. (Draal, a Minbari with some training and months of experience with the GM can presumably do that sort of thing, but a your average Human off the street plugged into the GM wouldn't be able to.)

Therefore Ivanova has to have something different or special about her, but there's nothing to say that Draal has any specific idea about what that trait might be. That's why he seems surprised. Ivanova was not introduced to him as a telepath, so he'd have no reason to jump to that conclusion, especially since it is well-known that Human teeps have to belong to Psi-Corps and wear ID at all times.